Our goal is to enable our customers and colleagues to engage in economically and environmentally responsible activities. With the GreenSENSE program and philosophy, we have been able to reduce waste and prevent pollution through a 100% chromium-free pretreatment process. Under the GreenSENSE program we have achieved:

• The recycling of scrap metal and universal wastes
• The application of lead-free paints
• The ability to reuse rinse waters
• The ability to operate a closed-loop cooling water system
• 98% VOC capture
• A thermal oxidizing system destroying any air pollutants from the paint process

Two-Coat Paint System

Our two-coat paint system extends the life of the coil and finished products, offers a wider range of color options, better solar reflectance, and better protection for your products. The system involves applying a primer and topcoat on the same side of the aluminum or steel sheet. Using top quality primers we ensure adhesion between the aluminum substrate and the topcoat, as well as provide additional protection against corrosion.
A two-coat paint system can generally be used for the following:

• Industrial areas
• Harsh environments
• Environments with high chemical exposure
• Complex forming requirements
• Achieving unique color targets
• Environments requiring high UV resistance

Polyester Coating System

Our polyester coating system is designed to be applied as a one coat or two-coat system on an aluminum substrate. Applying a polyester coating can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Polyester coating has excellent exposure characteristics, formability, and mar resistance. It is designed for applications requiring a durable indoor/outdoor coated aluminum product. Common uses include residential or commercial building products, transportation products and lighting fixtures. Color availability is vast and a variety of glosses are available as well. Contact us to learn more about our Polyester Coating System.


PVC coated aluminum offers great flexibility and end uses. Plastisol coated aluminum products are typically used to manufacture end caps for products, handle grips, as well as many other various applications. Contact us to learn more about how to use plastisol for your products.

Coated Rainware Coil

Embracing the forces of nature, the finish on our coated rainware coil implements a self-cleaning feature, whereby the coil will chalk in a controlled manner over time by releasing microscopic particles of pigment. This allows rain to wash away any surface dirt leaving a clean appearance for years to come.

Metallic Coatings

In metallic coatings, the appearance of the color will differ depending on the viewing angle. This occurs based on the particle’s shape and how they are positioned in the cured coating. Colors using a metallic coating are approved based solely on visual matches. If you would like to learn more about our metallic coating process, contact us.

Aluminum Alloys

Manufacturers and designers of fabricated products recognize in aluminum a fortuitous combination of characteristics. Specifying the proper alloy, processing and form of aluminum materials results in a union of economy and adaptability possessed by no other metal products.

The aluminum alloys we use offer strong resistance against corrosion, excellent formability and weldability. The alloys we use are commonly used in the manufacture of chemical equipment, furniture, condensers, heat exchangers and wide pressure vessels.

Why Aluminum?

Working with aluminum to build your products has a myriad of benefits. It is extremely easy to cut and cools at a rapid rate, reducing cycle time and drastically cutting costs. Aluminum is lightweight, strong, and highly recyclable. To learn more about the benefits of aluminum and it’s properties, click here.